3 Signs Your Water Heater Is Going Bad

With fall slowly approaching, having hot water is essential for cooking, cleaning, showering, and various other tasks. Your water heater can show multiple signs that it’s going wrong, and if you don’t act accordingly, you can run into both heating issues and financial strain. There are three main signs of a bad water heater, all of which can be handled by a professional plumbing company.

1. Fluctuating Water Temperature

Your water heater should be providing a consistent stream of hot water. If your hot water is inconsistent, there may be a problem with the water heater itself. While a professional should be the one to diagnose the issue, it could be a problem with the thermostat, heating elements, or another component. It can be expensive to have certain parts replaced, but it may be necessary to have reliable hot water.

2. Leaks

Water heaters break down over time, and eventually, they can begin leaking due to wear and tear. If you struggle to get hot water regularly, check your heater for leaks. If you notice any leaking, regardless of intensity, you may need to replace your tank completely. Leaks tend to occur near the connections and valves, where water collects.

3. Strange Sounds and Odors

If your plumbing system or water heater is making weird noises or there’s an odd smell coming from the water heater, you’ll want to look into having it replaced or repaired. Even if you can clearly see or hear the problem, trying to solve it yourself is unwise, as you can become seriously injured.

BPI Plumbing Can Help

BPI Plumbing frequently works with clients in Chula Vista, CA, who have struggled with water heating issues. You may not know how to resolve the problem yourself, or the problem might be too drastic to fix without professional help. If you have a problem with your water heater, let us know today.

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