4 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Water Heater

Time to Replace Your Water Heater? Look for These 4 Signs

As a resident of Chula Vista, CA, a water heater is an essential part of your home. It allows you to perform several activities, such as washing your dishes and taking a relaxing bath. Unfortunately, the water heater is bound to malfunction, sometimes beyond repair. Look for these signs to determine if you need a professional replacement service.

No Warm Water

One of the more obvious signs of a malfunctioning water heater. If the heater doesn’t warm up the water to an adequate temperature, make sure that the heating element and the thermostat are functioning properly first. If they are in working condition, it’s most likely your water heater is unable to keep up with the heating demands of your household.

Excessive Age

Even before you see any serious signs of malfunction with your water heater, check the age of your current system. You can usually see this in the manufacturer’s sticker, indicated by a serial number. If your water heating system is between eight to ten years, it will need replacement. By doing this, you are preventing any future damage and ensuring a smooth, easy replacement process.

Rusty Water

The emergence of rusty water not only indicates that the water is compromised, but also that the system is beyond salvage. Rusty water is also a result of rust coming from the pipes. Make sure it’s coming from the water heater by using a bucket to drain hot water directly from the tank. If it continues to give you rusty water after the third bucket, the tank needs replacement.

Water Heater Noises

If you hear loud banging and rumbling noises from the water heater, it’s most likely from the buildup of sediment and mineral deposits affecting the device. While you can flush the tank and get rid of the sediment, the mineral itself is also a sign that the heater is losing efficiency and will need replacement.

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