4 Springtime Plumbing Tips

As the warm weather of spring and summer approaches, it is important to revisit all the aspects of your home and how they are functioning, including the plumbing. Making your plumbing more effective and more efficient can have a major impact on your entire house. Follow these plumbing tips to improve your home this spring.

Update Your Shower Heads

Many people focus on water pressure in their shower, seeing that as the most important aspect of an effective shower. However, your shower head can also be a significant factor. Updating your shower head to something more modern can cut your water usage by up to 40%, saving you money on your water bill and helping the environment.

Get Your Home Inspected

The cold weather of winter can do serious damage to your plumbing. You may have numerous weak pipes that are threatening to burst, an issue that could cause serious and expensive water damage to your home. There are many potential plumbing issues you may not notice in your daily life, so hiring a professional to inspect your entire plumbing system will help ensure it is working well. If the plumber finds an issue, they can fix it before it causes damage that could cost you thousands of dollars to remedy.

Clear Your Gutters

Debris can quickly build up in your pipes and gutters. Leaves, petals, sticks, and many other materials can easily collect and cause blockage. With the heavy rains that come with spring, it is vital that water can freely run through your pipes and gutters. Clear them so you can avoid clogs that can lead to rotting and serious water damage.

Test Your Outdoor Faucets and Spigots 

If your outdoor faucets and spigots have been off through the winter, test them to make sure they do not have any leaks. Turning them on and off a couple ways is a great way to check to see how they are functioning. If you notice cracks or holes, call a professional plumber to come identify the location of the problem and repair it for the warm weather.




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