Avoid These Behaviors When Using Your Plumbing This Summer

4446199_sThe summer months are just around the corner and that means many families are getting ready for school to be out.

The end of the school season signifies the beginning of the summer fun activities. Taking the kids to water parks and rivers,  going camping,  and spending time together on vacations are all fun summer activities to participate in.

However, having the kids home from school also means extra work around the house. This extra work often includes extra use of your plumbing system.  It is important to make sure that your plumbing system is up to the task,  so as to avoid any kind of breakdown or emergency.

The best way to avoid a plumbing emergency is to practice good maintenance and proper use behaviors.  Most people think they use their plumbing system just fine … Until there is a problem.

As we are headed into the summer months,  make sure that you and your family practice these maintenance behaviors:

Toilet.  The toilets in your home will inevitably be used more during the summer time. Not only because your children are home from school but also because you will likely have out-of-town houseguests.  It is important to make sure that everyone knows how to properly use the plumbing in your bathroom.  This includes not using the toilet like a garbage can.

Sprinklers. You have likely already turned on your sprinkler system for the spring season.  However, moving into summer it will be used more due to the high temperatures and greater chances of evaporation. Each time you mow your lawn make sure to check the sprinkler heads for damage. You could lose a lot of money in wasted water from a damaged sprinkler head.

Disposal.  The garbage disposal in your kitchen is an important appliance for making meal prep and clean up quick and efficient. However, a broken garbage disposal will quickly bring your kitchen activities to a halt.  Make sure you are not rinsing things down the disposal like watermelon rinds large pieces of meat and corn on the cob.

Summer is almost upon us make sure that your home and plumbing are ready for the extra heat and there will be no chance for disaster.

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