Is Your Washing Machine Ready For Summer?

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Now that all of the graduation ceremonies are over, it is safe to say that the summer season is officially upon us. With school being out for the summer vacation and the temperatures steadily on the rise – there is no shortage of activities that households across the Country are gearing up for.


This is the time of year when we all enjoy being a little more active and a little less worried about schedule. However, one thing that we all need to remain worried about is how our plumbing systems are working.


The plumbing system in your home is essential to the daily schedule and to getting things done. And, in the summertime all you want to do is spend your time on activities that are fun and relaxing – not messy and stressful!


And, that is just what a plumbing malfunction is – messy and stressful. But, if you follow these tips, we can help you to avoid a plumbing disaster and ensure that you and your family have a wonderful summer break without the worry of a plumbing malfunction.


Here are a couple of our top summertime plumbing tips:


  • Check the washing machine hoses on the back of the machine. With time, these hoses can start to become damaged and cracked. This is where a sneaky leak can happen because the hoses drip water behind the washing machine and onto the floor. But, it goes unnoticed for so long that the damage occurs and gets to be extensive without you knowing it is even there.
  • If you enjoy having backyard barbecues, make sure that the cleanup is done with a trash bag and not with your garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal is a great appliance to help with keeping the kitchen clean and tidy – but, it can cause some serious problems for your kitchen sink if it malfunctions or gets clogged
  • Make sure to be thoughtful of any trees in your yard that are near your sewer line. You should have the sewer line inspected regularly to determine the extent that the tree roots are encroaching on the system. If you haven’t had an inspection yet this year – now is the time to do it.


You and your family have worked hard all year through the cold and rainy seasons – now is the time to relax and have a nice summer break. Do this by making sure that your plumbing system isn’t going to fall victim to any kind of major breakdown!


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