5 Differences Between Commercial and Residential Plumbing Services

When you are considering hiring professional plumbing services in Chula Vista, CA for your
residential or commercial needs, you might notice that some service companies are specialized in
one or the other, or they offer services for both. While these plumbing repairs appear similar on
the surface, each building has different requirements and services. Learn more about the critical
differences between commercial and residential plumbing services.

Education and Training

In the field of plumbing, there are expert technicians who can handle both residential and
commercial or industrial issues and needs. However, most technicians choose to specialize in
either one specific career path or the other. Each training program prepares plumbers to handle
different types of buildings, user demands, and system complexities. Also, a single plumber can
handle most residential problems, while entire trained crews handle commercial plumbing

Complex Systems

Most residential buildings feature plumbing systems that are relatively simple for a plumber to
understand, inspect, and repair. There are only a specific set of fixtures and rooms to keep in
mind. Meanwhile, a commercial building will feature multiple floors, each with varying amounts
of toilets, sinks, and other fixtures. Workers must also keep up with complicated pipe systems
and ensure they follow specific building codes.

Different Fixtures

The fixtures in a commercial or industrial building will have multiple users and uses throughout
the day. Due to this, the user demands are much higher and have the potential to wear down
fixtures at a faster pace. Workers must use higher grade and more durable fixtures and pipes to
address greater demand, but even this is sometimes not enough. A residential building has less
demand, so the fixtures are simpler.

Variety of Problems

Most plumbing issues in private homes tend to result from variants of the same issue, such as a
specific clog or a leak. However, commercial buildings can have multiple issues going on at the
same time, which require complex solutions not necessary in residential areas.

Emergencies and Off-Hours Work

Residential plumbing hours are usually set at specific times throughout the week. Commercial
plumbing systems are more prone to emergencies, and as a result, plumbers are likely on-call to work during the weekend. In addition, commercial clients request repairs at night to reduce
customer inconvenience.

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