Bathtub and Shower Cracks, Leaks, Chip Repairs

While there are many complex issues and damages that can happen to your plumbing that are best handled by a professional, many small damages to your bathtub or shower can be repaired at home for little to no cost. However, you need to be sure that you understand properly and prepare before doing repairs yourself to avoid further issues with your tub, shower, or even your plumbing.

The Right Tools

Like most home repairs, you will need specific tools to be able to patch cracks, leaks, or chips in your bathtub or shower. Many hardware stores offer bathtub and shower repair kits with everything you need in them but, before you purchase one, you need to make sure you find out the kind of material your bathtub or shower is made of so you can have the proper materials to repair it.


Before applying the epoxy to patch up any cracks, leaks, or chips, make sure to clean the tub properly. Scrub away any soap scum or other residue with an abrasive cleaner like a sponge, sand the area, and then clean it again with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining grime or residue. This ensures that no particles will get into the leak or crack and interfere with the integrity of the newly repaired tub or shower.

Softly Sandpaper

Using sandpaper is a great way to prepare your bathtub or shower for patching up any damages. However, overusing sandpaper can also cause unnecessary damages to your bathtub or shower, as well. If you sand outside of the area you are already repairing, you may risk scratching the material. In this case, you will then have to patch that up as well, or you will risk more cracks, leaks, or chips to your bathtub or shower.

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