Best Ways to Clean a Shower Drain

Whether you have a stand-up shower or a bathtub, proper water drainage has an important role to play. When taking a shower, you don’t want to find yourself standing in wastewater that could overflow onto your floor. You also don’t want water to take so long to drain that it causes water full of dirt, bacteria, soap scum, and other materials to stick to the sides of your tub or shower, creating an unappealing film.

If you notice issues with your draining, or you are experiencing unpleasant smells, you likely have a clog within your pipes. To rid yourself of these clogs, you don’t want to necessarily reach for store-bought drain cleaners. These cleaners can be abrasive and ultimately cause more damage to your pipes. There are many safer alternatives you can consider first.

Use a Natural Drain Cleaner

A natural cleaner can be just as effective as a chemical cleaner for lighter clogs. You’ll simply need distilled white vinegar and a cup of baking soda. You’ll start by pouring boiling water carefully down the drain to loosen any materials. You’ll then take a mix of one cup each and pour it down the drain. Wait 15 minutes and then pour more boiling water down the drain to clear the clog and cleaning material.

Use a Drain Snake 

A drain snake is a retractable tool that is available at local hardware locations. This snake commonly has a hand crank that sends a metal wire down the drain. This can help break up or pull out any clog within your drain.

Call in a Pro

If you continue to experience repeat clog issues, or if that clog is too severe to be cleared by DIY methods, it may be time to call in a professional. A professional plumber will have the high-quality tools necessary to remove any clogs within your plumbing system. Contact us with all your clog concerns.

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