5 Things to Never Flush Down a Toilet

Your bathroom pipes may seem like a good place to dispose of gross products you don’t want to get rid of normally, but you should think twice before you act. If you throw the wrong things down your pipes, you … Continued

Common Reasons Pipes Leak

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How You Can Conserve Water

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How California Winters Create Water Damage

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Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush

Few things are as frustrating as when your toilet won’t flush. You pull the handle down just like always, but this time nothing happens. There are several issues that could cause a problem. What’s the Problem: Why the Toilet Won’t … Continued

Determining If You Have a Water Leak

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Eco-Friendly Water Use Tips

Making eco-friendly choices is not always easy. These methods can cut into your normal routines and make your life circumstances more difficult — which, in turn, makes you much less likely to apply those eco-friendly methods in your day-to-day routine. … Continued

The Three Plumbing Systems

The average person does not consider their plumbing until something goes wrong in their kitchen or bathroom. However, plumbing is much more complicated than this surface-level situation. It’s the complete piping system that controls the water we use. This system … Continued