Addressing a Chronically Slow Drain

If your sink, shower, or bath drain has been treated multiple times with drain cleaner and still doesn’t drain properly, it might be time for more drastic measures. Sometimes, a drain cleaner will temporarily alleviate the problem, but if there … Continued

Dealing With a Running Toilet

You may have noticed some strange sounds from your toilet recently—it sounds like water is sloshing around in the bowl, like it’s being flushed on its own, or as though water is moving through the tank at random times. Especially … Continued

Flood Safety Tips

Floods are very powerful and dangerous, and they can happen unexpectedly. If you have a house flood or if your area has a flood warning, there are things you can do to stay safe during and after the water goes … Continued

Types of Sewer Pipes

When people think of “sewer pipes,” they may assume that they’re all the same — but that can’t be further from the truth. There are a variety of sewer pipes, all made of different materials. Some are stronger, some are … Continued

Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush

Few things are as frustrating as when your toilet won’t flush. You pull the handle down just like always, but this time nothing happens. There are several issues that could cause a problem. What’s the Problem: Why the Toilet Won’t … Continued

Eco-Friendly Water Use Tips

Making eco-friendly choices is not always easy. These methods can cut into your normal routines and make your life circumstances more difficult — which, in turn, makes you much less likely to apply those eco-friendly methods in your day-to-day routine. … Continued

Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

It’s that time of year that you need to assess your plumbing system to check for any damages that may have occurred during the winter months. By going over your system, you could prevent future problems that could potentially become … Continued