Dealing With a Running Toilet

You may have noticed some strange sounds from your toilet recently—it sounds like water is sloshing around in the bowl, like it’s being flushed on its own, or as though water is moving through the tank at random times. Especially if the toilet is not used frequently, this indicates there is probably a leak. 

Ways to Identify a Running Toilet

Sounds such as running or draining water and hissing when you flush are signs of a running toilet. Also, if you notice the handle is loose and jiggly or the water level in the tank is continually receding, this is another clear indication that there is a leak or a faulty part that needs to be fixed.

Causes of a Running Toilet

Sometimes, the cause of a running toilet is a stuck handle. When this occurs, the flapper mechanism cannot go down to seal the tank, and the valve will continue to run. 

An old and ineffective flapper can prevent water from leaking into the bowl. You may also have a defective fill valve, which can cause leaking and need replacement. 

If possible, check to see if the floater in the tank is set too high to help the valve sense when to stop flowing. If it is not set correctly, water will continue to pour into the toilet bowl. 

Other issues require a professional diagnosis, such as high water pressure, so if you try to assess and fix the problem yourself with no luck, call a plumber to investigate the problem immediately. 

We Fix Running Toilets

Fixing a toilet is not always easy, and there are obvious safety concerns when dealing with receptacles for human biohazard waste such as feces. If you attempt to fix a running toilet, use protective gear such as gloves, safety glasses, and a face mask to avoid contamination with bacteria or infectious diseases. DIY solutions can sometimes work, but contact our team today if you want professional analysis and repair.

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