Determining If You Have a Water Leak

Your plumbing system has an important role to play in your home. You rely on it daily, even though much of its operations happen behind and below the interior of your home. This can make it difficult to notice any water leaks before they can turn into a larger problem. Any type of leak can cause significant damage. It is beneficial to know what can be an indication of a water leak.

Reduced Water Pressure

We tend to notice the quality of our water pressure most when bathing. Having a lack of water pressure can affect your ability to feel clean. There are a few different issues that could be causing your water pressure to be lacking. This could be a faulty valve, issues within your water heater, or a leaky pipe that is preventing the water from flowing as it should.

Higher Water Bills

It is always a good idea to pay close attention to your utility bills, even if you use automatic pay. Your water bill could indicate if you are experiencing a leak that you can’t see. A small leak can cause significant water loss. This could be thousands of gallons of water wasted. It is natural to have fluctuations in your bill, but a significant, sudden increase should be further investigated.

Water Stains

Leaks usually reveal themselves at some point. Leaks can often show themselves through sudden discolorations of your walls, ceiling, or flooring. If you do notice any staining, or if you have paint peeling from your wallpaper, you should contact a professional as soon as possible. They will be able to accurately detect any potential leaks.

Give Us a Call 

Water leaks should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. At BPI Plumbing, we can detect the source of the leak, providing the necessary repairs or replacements to prevent further damage in the future. Contact us today with any plumbing questions or concerns.


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