Drain Repair & Drain Cleaning in El Cajon

Clogged drains can cause considerable harm to your El Cajon property, considering all the water damage that happens after waste water floods your basement, shower, or laundry area. However, and probably most important, are the health risks that you put yourself into when you fail to properly address a clogged drain.

Health Hazards of a Clogged Drain

Blocked drains offer excellent breeding grounds for germs and bacteria that cause and transmit various illnesses and diseases. These germs and bacteria are then carried up and out of the drain and into your sinks or floors exposing you to health risks.

These health risks vary – some will cause irritation when the bacteria or germs come in contact with the skin, while others can lead to serious diseases such as diarrhea and severe allergic reactions.

There are also cases when the odorous smell coming from the drains can cause headaches and trigger migraines. These foul smells can also cause poor moods and make you feel irritable. The smell may not be toxic to begin with, but it still can cause respiratory issues to arise. The health risks do not stop there, unfortunately.

After waste water floods your basement, kitchen, shower or bath, it will usually leave wet and soggy areas, which is especially true for El Cajon homes, establishments, or institutions with wooden structures.

These wet areas, especially those in dark places, encourage the growth of mold and fungi which can cause health problems. When breathed in, these substances can lead to various respiratory problems like sneezing fits, cough, nasal and sinus congestion and even tightness in the chest. They may also trigger asthma attacks and throat irritation.

In severe cases, exposure to mold can lead to neurological problems, especially in cases where the exposure is prolonged and frequent.

Don’t Put Your Health at Risk

In order to avoid any of these health issues from harming you, your family and any other people in your property, you need to choose the right plumber to deal with your clogged drain.

Here at BPI Plumbing, we have highly trained professionals to clear your drains effectively so you don’t have to worry about water backups anymore.

Call us up at 855-746-4274. Our operators are always on standby and ready to discuss your El Cajon drain cleaning needs. We look forward to helping you.