Drain Cleaning & Drain Repair in San Diego

There are many different types of plumbing problems that can happen in your residential or commercial property, and one of the most common are clogged drains.

Clogged drains vary in terms of severity. There are simple issues which can be easily cleared with a cleaning agent and a drain snake, while others may need more advanced equipment like hydrojetters. The severity of a clog is usually attributed to its cause – that is, the material that is causing the clog in your drains.

What Causes Your Drains to Clog?

San Diego drain issues can be brought about by a myriad of things.

In the kitchen for instance, clogged sinks can be due to grease and oil trapped along the drain or pipes. As they buildup, they become sticky sludge that accumulates and collects tiny bits of leftover food and other particles that build-up into one huge lump that blocks that normal flow of water.

On the other hand, in your bathroom and tubs, clogs are mostly caused by fallen hair and soap residue, whereas in the laundry area, clogs can usually be attributed to lint and cloth fibers which were removed from clothes while being washed.

Clogs in outside drains (such as those in the garage, patio, etc.) are more prone to developing clogs than indoor drains. This is because aside from the usual causes, these drains also become the destination for other clog-causing items.

For instance, washing your car in the garage will cause both soap residue and dirt to go down and accumulate in the drain. Patio and driveway drains also because the ultimate destination for soil, leaves, and other elements from the outside.

Are You in Need of San Diego Drain Cleaning Services?

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