Employment Application

    Tell us about you:

    Are you at least 18 years old?*
    Do you have the right to be employed in the United States?*
    What schooling have you completed?*

    Do you have a journeymans card from ABC, PHCC, Union, Other?*

    Have you served in the military?*
    Can you lift 70 pounds?*
    Have You taken any illegal drugs in the last 12 months?*
    Would you consent to a criminal background check?*
    Do you have a valid drivers license?*
    Are you currently employed?*

    Let us know what skills you have:

    Are you familiar with the Uniform Plumbing Code?*
    Boiler service and repair?*
    Copper installation and repair?*
    Drain cleaning?*
    Drain Piping?*
    Faucet Repair?*
    Flue Piping?*
    Gas Piping?*
    Sewer Repair?*
    Toilet Repair and Replacement?*
    Tankless Water Heater installation and repair?*

    Water heater installation and repair?*

    Please list the last three companies you have worked for and what you did:

    Company 1

    Company 2

    Company 3

    Is there anything you would like to tell us?