Go Green With Energy-Efficient Bathroom Fixtures

If you plan to remodel a bathroom in the near future, why not consider some ecologically-friendly options for your bathroom fixtures? Cutting down on water consumption and energy consumption are important choices for the environment, and the professionals at BPI Plumbing in Chula Vista can help you select the best fixtures for you.

Why Go Green in the Bathroom?

When it comes to energy efficiency, most people think of the appliances and fixtures in the home that require electricity or fossil fuels. While making ecologically responsible choices for these parts of the home is important, it is equally important to be conscious of your home’s water consumption.

As much as half of all your home’s water consumption comes from the bathroom. Showering, bathing, and using the toilet are some of the activities behind this. Older toilets and shower systems are not as environmentally friendly as newer options, so if your home is older you may want to consider a remodel or even a retrofit to make your bathroom water fixtures more sustainable. 

Fixtures to Try

High-efficiency shower heads can help reduce the amount of moving water you use on a daily basis. These fixtures reduce the number of gallons per minute and help regulate pressure for more consistent showering experiences. There are also high-efficiency sinks that help reduce the amount of water wasted down the drain. Simply installing a water aerator into your bathroom sink can cut your water consumption in half. 

Low-flow toilets use fewer gallons of water per flush than less efficient models. Many homeowners use bricks in their toilet tanks to cut down on water-per-flush, but this can actually damage your home’s pipe systems. Instead, consider purchasing a dual-flush toilet or one with variable flush settings. 

These are just a few changes you can make to reduce your home’s impact on the environment and preserve one of Earth’s most vital resources: clean water. 

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