Guidelines for Prepping Your Plumbing System in Time for Spring and Summer

With spring break here and summer just around the bend, the demands on your plumbing system are bound to increase. Whether you’re using the hose and outdoor sprinklers, taking more showers, or leaving for vacation, it is important for homeowners to realize these that these factors can strain the plumbing system in your Chula Vista house. To ensure your home’s plumbing is prepared for increased use, consider the following maintenance advice.


Double Check Water Pressure

When a plumbing system goes unused for an extended time, the system stays pressurized. In other words, while you aren’t flushing toilets or using the water, the pressure continues to accumulate inside your pipes. So, before you go out of town for spring break or for summer vacation, be sure to check your home’s water pressure. You might want to buy a pressure regulator or consider having an expert come check the water pressure to ensure the regulator’s accuracy. This can help prevent your home’s system from failing because of high pressure. But even if your system doesn’t fail, not checking your water pressure can result in pressure issues creating tension over time.


Plan for Trips

Leaks and flooding occur most commonly when a home’s plumbing system isn’t being utilized. The reality is that your home is at an increased risk of a leak when you are out of town. Water can damage your home rapidly, so take the time to lessen the chances of a leak harming your property by turning off and draining your plumbing system before you depart on your trip.


Check Your Hose and Valves

Contrary to popular belief, leaks and flooding are commonly occurring issues during the spring and summer. Homeowners tend to overlook the chances of leaks in warmer weather, because they connect them to freezing pipes in the winter time. However, floods and leaks can occur any time. Not checking washing machine hoses is one of the most widespread cause of flooding in the warmer months. The most problematic places are hoses and connections, which is why experts recommend examining all hoses to make sure they are fastened securely. In addition, turn your valves on and off to double check they are working as they should.

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