How to Avoid Damaging Your Drains

Your home or business needs adequate drainage to dispose of waste. Many individuals are unaware that their typical actions are causing the drains to become damaged, which can cause clogs, leaks, and other serious issues. To prevent these problems from occurring, keep the following tips in mind.

Be Wary of Chemical Cleaners

Some chemical cleaners help kill off bacteria and waste, but some are too strong for the pipes. Specific cleaning solutions may damage the pipes by eating away at the interior. When this occurs, pipes become weaker and more likely to leak or burst. Be mindful of what chemical cleaning products you’re purchasing, and refrain from using solutions that are causing your pipes to weaken.

Flush Only Toilet Paper and Waste

Toilets are designed to drain human waste and toilet paper. However, plumbers often find toys, food, jewelry, and feminine hygiene products when fixing someone’s plumbing system; these foreign objects can cause significant damage to your pipes. Repairing this issue can also be a significant hassle, so use your toilet only for what’s meant to be flushed. 

Be Careful With the Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal does not intend to break up complex objects, trash, or other foreign objects. Most garbage disposals contain cheese grater-like teeth that grind down food, allowing it to be drained efficiently. Too much hard, unbreakable food can clog your drain and damage the pipes and disposal.

We Do Drain Repair

Even if you follow the above tips, you may still experience drain issues. Fortunately, our team at BPI Plumbing can address the problem with reliable and safe solutions. DIY solutions may not always be effective, but we will work diligently to eliminate your problem. To learn more, contact our team today.

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