How to Know if Tree Roots Are Damaging Your Pipes

 Summer is all in bloom, and that means it’s a beautiful time for your lawn, garden, and trees full of green leaves. Flowers are everywhere and fresh fruits and vegetables are growing in gardens. Nothing beats a platter of freshly grown food with a side of lemonade. However, in all the pristine beauty, there is something troublesome lurking beneath the ground that can severely damage your pipes. This sneaky menace is tree roots.

Signs Roots Might Be Affecting Your Pipes

 It is a fact of life that tree roots love pipes! Once those roots break into sewer pipes, they have access to an abundance of water and organic waste, which is a delicious meal for growing trees. While this might be beneficial to the trees, it can cause big problems for your plumbing. There are many signs that roots may be affecting your plumbing. These include: 

  • Backed-up drains. If your drains are not draining water like they used to, this is an early warning sign that tree roots have invaded your pipes.
  • Sewer smells. Another early sign of sewer pipe root blockage is sewer smells in your home, often in your bathroom or kitchen. If you smell these odors, you should take action immediately.
  • Sinkhole in your lawn. If a sinkhole happens around your sewer pipe, this may be a sign that substantial pipe damage from roots is taking place.
  • Strange sounding toilets. If your toilet makes sounds such as gurgling after flushing, roots may be to blame.

Ways to Deal With Tree Roots

There are many ways to correct the problem if tree roots are causing trouble for your plumbing. These solutions include hydro-jetting, which uses highly pressurized water streams to clean out your pipes. Chemical solutions may also be available. Finally, it might be time to replace an old sewer pipe with the latest models.

BPI Plumbing

If you suspect that tree roots are affecting your Chula Vista home plumbing system, the time to act is now. BPI Plumbing offers you the smartest solutions, whether cleaning or replacement when it comes to root problems in your sewer pipe. Contact BPI plumbing today!


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