BPI Plumbing, How Our Story Began

SBA-Director-and-BPIThe Story of Uncle Benny

January 3, 1959, a couple days after Fidel Castro marched into Havana, Cuba, Uncle Benny, then a Cuban Army Sergeant and Plumber. As he worked in the Presidential Palace and other secure government buildings, he appeared on a security clearance list. Castro ordered most on this list to be executed. Uncle Benny (and another Soldier Plumber) was picked up but the Revolutionary Soldier that was verifying identities let him go. They’d grown up together. He told him “get out of Cuba, don’t go home, if you’re caught again, you’re done.” Uncle Benny and his buddy headed to the airport and “caught a ride” on a plane to Key West, FL. He never saw his mother again and didn’t see his father again until the 1980s.

He founded Benny Plumbing (now BPI Plumbing) in 1976.

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