Is Your Plumbing System Prepared For The Fall?

19327577 - a note pinned to a white background with the text helpful tips.
19327577 – a note pinned to a white background with the text helpful tips.

The summer season is coming to a close and the stores are the best way to confirm it. Even at the grocery store they are starting to prepare for the fall cooking by switching out the fresh produce that is specific to this time of year.


Also, if you go to your favorite home improvement store, you will like find barbecues on sale and lawn care items at a minimum on the shelves.


The first day of school advertising is also an important part of the end of summer too. This is the time of year when most households transition the bathing suits and sandals for new school clothes and backpacks.


Transitioning your home from one season to another is an important part of properly maintaining your home and all of its systems.


Some of the end of the summer plumbing checks that you should to transition to fall include:

  • Make sure that any leaks around your house are repaired. This includes places like showerheads, sink fixtures, under the sink plumbing, dishwasher and washing machine hoses. Leaks can be sneaky and can cause a lot of water damage if they are not found quickly. This is especially true for leaks that are in cabinets or in bathrooms that you don’t use every day.
  • Have your water heater inspected. Hot water is something that you need year round but, it is especially important during the cold weather months. When it is windy and raining outside, having hot water in your home is essential. If your water heater is getting to be nearly eight years old – it should be inspected annually.
  • Make sure that your septic system or sewer system are working well and there are no chances of clogs. It is especially important to make sure that there are no tree roots that are encroaching on your drain field pipes. Having a clog from tree roots can escalate quickly and with the heavy rain of the fall season you could have a giant puddle of raw sewage and rainwater flooding your yard.

Before the summer weather switches from warm to cool and the rains begin – make sure that you take these steps to prepare your plumbing system for the fall season.

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