Protect The Value Of Your Kitchen With These Tips!

check-1769866_1280While it is not time to do a full spring cleaning – this is the perfect time of the year to do some deep cleaning around the kitchen and bathrooms.


The holidays are over, the excitement has died down, and we are all stuck inside because of the cold weather – why not deep clean a could of rooms!?


Keeping a clean kitchen is especially important as that is one room of the house that can easily get dirty. Your kitchen probably saw some serious use during the holiday season and might have a bit of a grimy feel.


The kitchen is a huge focal point of any home and can increase or decrease the value of a home significantly. It is important to make sure that you protect that value and make some good choices when cleaning and choosing cleaning products.


  • Steel wool pads can be very abrasive and cause a lot of damage to your kitchen sink. This is especially true if your sink is stainless steel as the metal fibers from the wool will break off of the pad and sliver into the metal of your sink. Those tiny fibers will then begin to rust and can make your kitchen sink look really dingy.
  • When you are scrubbing your kitchen sink, make sure not to use an abrasive sponge like steel wool. These pads are great for cleaning the floor or even refrigerator shelves but, they are far too abrasive for a stainless steel kitchen sink. In fact, the wool fibers can actually get embedded into the metal of the sink.
  • Avoid kitchen and bathroom cleaners that have chlorine in them. This additive is not necessary abrasive but, it will create a layer of residue that can cause pitting and dimpling in the metal of your sink.


Keep the heart of your home clean and sanitary without causing any damage. Be careful about the chemicals that you pour down the drain and the way that you clean your kitchen sink. These tips will help guide you to protecting the value of your kitchen.


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