How To Remove A Leaky Drain Valve

Sometimes you will find that the drain fitting drips, especially after clearing out the water heater, sediment is probably blocking the stop mechanism. You may be able to get rid of the sediment by operating the valve under pressure by opening and closing it a few times. It may become necessary to replace the water heater drain valve.

Replace the water heater drain valve

Start by turning the gas control to “Pilot” or turning off the electricity at the electrical panel and letting the water cool until it cools down. Turn off the water and drain the heater. If the drain valve is a standard hose bibcock, just back it from the tank with a wrench.

If it is a round plastic fitting, removal can be tricky. Start by rotating the valve counterclockwise while pulling back. After five or six turns you will cease to make progress. Rotate the valve clockwise while pulling back.

With the drain valve removed, you may want to flush the tank one more time. Sometimes, getting the drain out of the way makes a difference. When you have finished, install a brass hose bibcock in the opening, using pipe joint compound or pipe-thread sealing tape.

Replacement valves can be found at your local Chula Vista plumbing supply or home improvement store.

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