Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist

Many homeowners in Chula Vista, California don’t think about the condition of their sump pump until it breaks down. However, taking preventive measures to properly maintain your sump pump is the best way to ensure the safety and security of your home throughout the year. Prepare in advance this season with our list of quick maintenance tips to help you keep your sump pump in good condition.

All sump pumps operate with a GFCI electrical connection. Being sure that the connection is working is the key to keeping the sump pump running, so check that the energy is running from the pump’s circuit.

Since vibrations can cause a sump pump to slant, Make sure your sump pump is standing up straight and does not tilt.

Clean your sump pump’s grate to clear away dust, dirt, and other debris that can cause a clog within the system.

Clear away any materials that may be preventing the outlet pipes from transferring water. These are responsible for dispersing the water from the sump pump, so this is very important.

Position the outside pipes to drain water from the pump at a minimum of 20 feet from your home’s foundation.

Check your discharge line and eliminate any materials that can cause blockages.


Perform a quick manual test to ensure your sump pump is functioning optimally:


  • Pour approximately 5 gallons of water into the sump pit to prompt it to operate.
  • Look at the outside pipe to be sure that the water is moving from your home and in the correct direction.


What to Do If Your Sump Pump Isn’t Working Correctly


If your sump pump isn’t working as it should be, refer to our list of solutions you can adopt to help you resolve the issue:


  • Because the pump can accidentally pull in items that can damage it, check for any materials or debris that may be blocking the pump, and therefore impairing its suction.
  • If your sump pump has a float, check to ensure the float is able to move without restriction.
  • Check for any signs of oil in the sump, which can indicate an impaired pump seal.
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