The Science Behind a Smelly Shower Drain

Showers are supposed to be relaxing. On many occasions, they are a way to unwind after a busy day at work or a way to wake yourself up in the morning before starting your day. Showers are a zone free from wild children or work stressors — a personal moment in a day that may be devoted to many impersonal factors.

What can ruin the peacefulness of a shower is a foul odor that is not supposed to be there. If you are noticing a bad odor coming from your shower, something isn’t right. There could be many factors that are creating an unpleasant smell, but the key is finding out what.

What Causes a Smelly Shower Drain?

Some of the reasons your shower drain may be smelly include:

  1. Mold. If the odor that is coming from your drain smells musty, this could be the cause of active mold that is growing within your drains. This odor is caused by tiny puffs of gas being released by active mold spores throughout their metabolic process. This is cause for concern and should be handled immediately. Inhaling this gas can lead to illness including nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and headaches.
  2. Rotten eggs. The smell of rotten eggs is never pleasant and definitely should not be in your shower. If you are smelling this odor, it could be the result of biofilm, which is often the result of clogged drains or sewer gases that have escaped your pipes. Either problem can be fixed, but to sort out which issue you may be experiencing, check how quickly the water flows into the drains. If there doesn’t seem to be a blockage and the water is flowing normally, most likely you are smelling sewer gases and not gases released from the biofilm.

Seek Help

Return to enjoying your shower without the smell, contact our team at BPI Plumbing to rid yourself of unpleasant shower odors.

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