Top Reasons for Emergency Plumbing Services

If you live in Chula Vista, CA, and think you may have a plumbing emergency, call us right away so that your home is fully functional again.  Sometimes, our clients don’t know if they should call for emergency plumbing services or wait.  Here are some of the top reasons for emergency plumbing calls in our area:

  • If there is a leaking pipe, it is an emergency. Leaks can be from a sewer line, water line, or a broken secondary line.  Even if you can’t find the leak, call for emergency help right away.  Water damage increases as the minutes pass.  The longer it takes to stop, repair, and clean up after a leak in a home, the more damage the home incurs.
  • Water heaters are a typical plumbing emergency. A home can’t run well without hot water, so no hot water is an emergency plumbing problem.  Sometimes, there is an easy fix, while other times, the problem isn’t solvable, and the water heater needs replacing.
  • A sewer line leak is an emergency. If there is a sewer leak around your home, one of the first places many people notice is in the yard.  A spongy or soggy yard can indicate a broken or leaking sewer pipe.  Regularly walking your property may help spot a sewer leak in the earliest stages.  You may also spell sewage in or around your home, which indicates that something is wrong with the plumbing.
  • A burst pipe is an emergency. If a pipe has a lot of corrosion or has a total clog, then it may burst.  Having the pipes in your home cleaned regularly helps avoid the mess and emergency calls because of burst pipes in your home.
  • If you have no water at all, then you could have a big problem with your water line. Call for emergency plumbing services when you are out of the water, so your home can function properly again.

If you have a plumbing situation that isn’t on the list, but you know it is out of control, it is a plumbing emergency.  Call for services right away to avoid more extensive damage and costs.

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