Upgrading Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

How old are your bathroom and kitchen fixtures? Is it time to upgrade them? Even if they are well maintained and are in good working order, times still change, and styles change too. You may be in the market to make some updates to your kitchen or bathroom.

What Are the Fixtures?

The fixtures in a kitchen or a bathroom are considered to be any plumbing element whose job is to transport water within the home. This includes: 

  • Faucets and taps
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Showers and bathtubs
  • Bidets

Redoing Your Kitchen and Bathrooms 

Maybe you’ve just moved, and you don’t like all of the fixtures in your new home. Maybe you have lived in the same house for over 20 years and now it’s time to refresh your kitchen or your bathrooms. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of different upgrades you can choose to make.

Selecting a New Faucet 

Changing the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom is one of the most popular and easiest ways to give your space a fresh upgrade. But what features do you want from your faucet? Many homeowners are installing pull-down-hose-style faucets in their kitchens. These make rinsing dishing or refilling the single-serving coffee maker super easy. In both kitchens and bathrooms, many people are opting for no-touch faucets that use a sensor to tell when somebody is trying to wash their hands. These can be especially helpful in reducing germs as you don’t have to touch the handle to turn them off and on. Another option attracting people today is the industrial look.

Kicking Tradition to the Curb

In most homes, kitchen and bathroom pipes are hidden under sinks and in cabinets, but now, some people are putting their pipes on full display in open concept designs. And in bathrooms, a simple color change can give your tiniest space a whole new look. Silver, white, or brass, are all traditional colors for the fixtures in most bathrooms. But many people today are deciding to go bolder. Fixtures are available in almost any color you can imagine. Two of the most popular nontraditional colors currently are black and red.

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