Water Heater Repair & Service in Bonita

Common Water Heater Issues
As with many other appliances in your property, you water heater is prone to developing problems throughout its service life. We have serviced countless water heaters during our business’ existence, and some of the most common issues we’ve found are the following.

• Water leaks at the bottom of the tank – this issue is usually caused by a crack at the bottom of the water tank

• Water drips from the sides of the tank – aside from a possible crack, another reason why water forms and drips from the side of the tank is water condensation

• Water is too hot or too cold – the main culprit for this problem is the thermostat. Adjusting the thermostat usually solves the problem; however, in cases where the thermostat is broken, no adjustment will fix the water temperature issue.

• No hot water coming out – this can be attributed to a faulty thermostat or a failed water heating element. In many cases, replacing the thermostat or the water heating elements is the only solution.
• Inconsistent water temperature – inconsistency in water temperature can be due to a faulty thermostat.

• Low water temperature – there are several reasons why this happens. One, it may be because of the sediment and calcium buildup inside the pipes which affect the water flow. Second, it may be because of the pipe’s size, where traditional 1/2’ pipes obviously bring out less water than the more modern 3/4’ pipes. Lastly, a leak in the water tank may also contribute to the low water pressure.

• Discolored water – when the hot water comes out discolored or somewhat brownish, it may mean that the water tank and the pipes have rusted.

• Odorous hot water – bacteria that finds themselves into the water tank and the pipes are the main reasons why your hot water has become odorous.

• Broken pilot light
– pilot lights ignite gas that heats the water. When a pilot light fails, it results in a lack of hot water.

Although some of these issues pertain to tankless water heaters, they typically serve most customers better than conventional models. In addition to providing on-demand hot water, lower long-term energy costs, and increased convenience, you may want to consider upgrading to tankless if you’re current water heater is on its last leg. You can learn more about the benefits of going tankless by contacting BPI, today.

Are You in Need of Bonita Water Heater Repair or Replacement Services?
Because of the important role that water heaters play in our lives, it is necessary that every problem, no matter how small or large, be addressed immediately and effectively – and in this respect, you can count on our team of professional Bonita plumbers and technicians to be there for you.