Water Heater Services in Point Loma

Water heaters are essential plumbing appliances for any home, commercial establishment, or government office, and they serve an important function of bringing heated water to taps and showers – hot water which is used to sterilize and kill bacteria in dishes and laundry, or to make bathing a more pleasurable experience.

However, hot water is also an often-overlooked convenience – that is until you suddenly find yourself without one. We have seen and serviced many clients who have had issues with their water heaters, and the most common problems include:

  • No hot water coming out of the taps and showers
  • Water temperature is inconsistent and changes while in use
  • Water is either too hot or too cold
  • Water is rusty or discolored
  • Water coming from the faucet or shower smells
  • Water heater tank is leaking
  • Strange popping, banging or gurgling noises coming from the water heater tank
  • Water heater won’t turn on

Some problems are more common than others, and there are certainly several more which are not included in the above list. It doesn’t matter what the water heater problem is though, because we’re very confident that whatever it is that’s causing your water heater to fail, we’re more than capable of dealing with it.

Don’t Despair – We’ve Got You Covered

Different types and models of water heaters may exhibit equally different kinds of problems, each of which requires a special service or treatment. But don’t worry, because whatever it is that is causing your water heater to fail – be it a standard or tankless water heater – we have the knowledge and skills necessary to fix and restore their proper function quickly and effectively.

In many cases, we can bring your failing tank or tankless water heater back to good working condition on the same day we arrive at your property, and if replacements are required, we are more than capable and willing to help you find the right water heater that will meet your needs.

From repairs to replacement and installation, our team of professional plumbers and water heater technicians are more than capable of doing them all – and doing them effectively, efficiently, and quickly at that. We are a trusted brand in the plumbing industry, with 40 years of experience and expertise, which we offer to you at very affordable rates.