Why Your Water Pressure Is Low

Why Your Water Pressure Is Low 

When your water pressure is low, it will feel slower and less powerful when it comes out of your faucet or showerhead. There are a few reasons why this might be happening.

It’s the Supplier 

Not all plumbing problems stem from your own pipes. Sometimes, they come right from the source. If your supplier is having an issue getting or providing water, then it’s an issue they need to fix on their end, significantly if it’s affecting a wide range of people. Alternatively, if your supplier is following city or town regulations, you can fix the problem for yourself by getting a water booster installed.

It’s the Pipes 

If your pipes are corroded, blocked, leaking, or otherwise unable to perform correctly, it can cause various problems, with low water pressure being just one possible result. In this case, the water could get stuck in the pipes, leak out, or even go to a different pipeline entirely.

It’s the Valve 

Your shut-off and meter valves are essential in regulating water flow through your house. If either of them is closed or partially closed, the water won’t be able to get through. Check both; you can change the shut-off valve yourself, but the meter valve might be controlled by your supplier.

It’s the Faucet 

If your faucet or showerhead is covered in sediment and grime, it can stop water from getting through. In this case, cleaning them off will fix everything.

Get a Plumber’s Help 

When you have a plumbing problem, it might be tempting to fix it yourself. But dealing with pipes can be complicated, and a trained plumber can figure out your problem and solve it. Whether you need a leak fixed, a booster installed, or an entirely new set of pipes, you can call BPI Plumbing to help.

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