Winter Ready Your Sump Pump

When it comes to reliable plumbing for your home, you want your sump pump at the top of the list. In the winter, your sump pump usually has to work hard due to melting snow and ice. This melting snow and ice can lead to backup due to freezing or clogs within the lines. It is crucial to provide routine maintenance to your sump pump system, especially as the winter months approach. 

Sump Pump Maintenance

  • Starting during the fall months, it is beneficial to regularly clean out the sump pit to remove any debris or grime. This helps to avoid potential clogs that could end up costly, especially if it causes water to back up into your home. 
  • In the winter months, test your sump pump regularly to ensure that it is functioning appropriately. By doing this consistently, you’ll be able to notice small changes before they become larger issues.
  • If the weather does turn cold, keep the heat on in the basement where the sump pump is located. This helps prevent any pipes from freezing. 
  • Redirect water- Even outside of the winter months, it helps to redirect water away from your home. This helps reduce the workload of your sump pump.
  • Keep your intake and discharge lines free of blockage. 

Handling Sump Pump Issues

When it comes to dealing with issues concerning your sump pump, sooner is always better than later. With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to notice changes that could be signifying a blockage or other concerns that could impact the ability of your sump pump to work correctly. When the weather turns cold, you’ll especially want to make sure that your system is working, even in milder winter climates. At BPI plumbing, we understand the importance of reliable plumbing, both inside and outside of the home. If you are concerned about your sump pump, contact us today. 


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